Water Skiing in Goa

The water resorts and beaches of Goa provide you with perfect setting for water skiing. For those who love to fly through the waves, splashing and swishing through the watery terrain is nothing new. Though some people may find a good resemblance between surfing and water skiing, the difference lies in the fact that in the latter your hands are not free. Water skiing is not constrained to sea only. It can be done in vast lakes too, where space is not a limitation. Water skiing is almost like snow skiing, just that here you don't have mountains but a vast expanse of water. So the trouble of finding a smooth slope does not exist.

If you want to sail through the high sea waters, then water skiing is definitely worth a try. Strength and skill is prerequisite for water Skiing. Proper practice is necessary for this sport, while learning, be prepared for repeated tumbles and small injuries. After learning the basics you will be able to take the sport. For water skiing, you need strong leg and back muscles and a relaxed posture. Do not stiff your body and practice to slightly bend your knees and maintain them parallel to each other. A number of operators are available in Goa who will give you training until you learn the techniques of water skiing.

Getting the hang of water skiing is easy if you have a keen sense of balancing. It becomes even easier if you know how to swim in the ocean, which requires more effort than swimming in the pool because of the strong ocean currents. A strong grip is a must on the towrope for getting started. Once you gain speed, you can try swishing through different angles by slightly moving your body left and right. Your feet should be firm though.

If the thrill factor becomes too much to handle or if you can't hold the rope any longer, you can always let go. Try to maintain the balance till you slow down a bit and then let yourself fall in the ocean water. Make sure you have the life jacket on. It is always better to go easy on speeding, as it can easily tire the first timers. But this shouldn't stop you from trying this sport, which is sure to set your adrenalin rushing!

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